Strategies for Online Marketing

A famous quote by Jef Richards says "Creativity without strategy is called art. Creativity with strategy is called advertising."


Our philosophical strategy is to build a customer base by enhancing the brand value of your product At Lumos, we have successfully crafted and delivered strategies that have made the brand outshine its competitors in the virtual online world. Our expertise lies in providing innovative yet practical solutions that offer total brand engagement and convert into business oriented results


Identity Creation

"Identity is an expression, a mark of distinction. Your identity is your communication of who you are and what you do."


We understand the importance of identity. Mapping your brand's potential customers, identifying your geographical landscape and understanding the brand uniqueness, we create Identities that are distinctive, universal, timeless, suave and professional. Be it logo creation, graphic illustration or captioning, we have crafted identities that have



"Brand is your characteristic signature, your biggest asset, a reputation to be built on, an emotional connect to share your ethos."


Over the last decade, we have carved a niche for ourselves as the branding specialists and our reputation is built on our creative cognizance, strategic intelligence and our substantial experience in the whole branding exercise. Be it internal branding, external branding, communication branding or total re-branding, we offer comprehensive solutions targeted at



"Advertising is an ability, an exploration of creativity, an understanding of human conscious, an intelligent way of marketing."


We understand and endorse among our clients that advertising is an effective communication between a brand and its customers. At Lumos, we catalyze ideas that engage potential seller with potential buyer. Be it traditional (offline) marketing or the more evolved digital marketing, we are equipped with creative talent and technological resources to craft


Print Packaging Design

"Your products are our models, and we know they come in all different shapes and sizes, yet we promise to make it look beautiful."


From an era where packaging was considered as a piece of box to cover your products, package designing has evolved continuously to a point where it is today considered as a medium to create an emotional connect with the consumers. From designing engaging graphics to creating enriching content, we deliver packaging designs that emphasize the brand identity and concurs with the product on offer.


Marketing Collaterals

"Marketing collaterals can transpire as a module in understanding how your brand is perceived by your customers."


At Lumos, we understand and identify the purpose and the goals marketing collaterals are expected to achieve. Based on these two factors, we involve our design and content team to engage in developing collaterals that not only communicates the uniqueness of the brand but also enriches the brand value. We offer developing marketing collaterals including flyers, brochures, fact sheets, electronic PDF documents, etc.


User Experience Design

"The beauty of a design lies in simplifying the complexity, delivering rich user experience between human and computer interaction."


All our websites are planned and executed with a perception of how our end user perceives it. Creating visual communication that assert the aesthetics of front end user interface, structuring and organizing information of products and services and providing easy maneuverability in finding the required information, Lumos adheres to all aspect of user experience design or human-computer interaction.


Community Design

"In such loud times, a cry for help is usually unheard. Advertising for a cause, our creative contributions for a better society."


In our bid at bringing in a positive influence on the society, we have joined hands with some of the genuine NGOs to help them with their cause, and we have taken their voice and made them heard through the masses with our innovative strategies and ideas. We have mentored and empowered NGOs with our creative solutions. Diya Foundation and Amba CEEIC are some of the NGOs we have worked with.


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