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TopLuxeVillas, Bali is leading aggregator of luxury holiday villas in Bali, spanning across the choicest locations in Bali. Over 550 Villas ranging from two-bedrooms to 20 bedrooms spread across exquisite locations, including sea facing, hilltop, in the valley, by the shore of the rivers, in the paddy fields, etc., TopLuxeVillas, Bali had curated all the properties and set up a website to promote their properties for holiday visitors

After over 12 months of concerted efforts, the business never took-off! Hardly any enquires or takers for the villas.

The management team then approached LUMOS through a reference in Singapore to promote their Luxury holiday properties in Bali.


Tourism is an industry driven by seasons. Bali is very humid place and generally tourists from the world over plan their holiday to Bali well in advance. From each country the tourists influx to Bali varies based on various factors. It was indeed a challenge to research and collate the data, analyse and crystallise the strategy to drive the traffic, that too quality traffic.

The spread of villas across different geographic locations was another challenge, as the potential clients / tourists would review location and also review each property before selecting a particular one.

For travellers / tourists, flight booking is priority, as their travel schedule can’t be altered if they don’t get bookings. The Topluxe website was expecting users to book a holiday villa, while they were unaware of their travel schedule.


Creative and Technology Teams at LUMOS hit upon a idea to solicit enquiries rather than force or expect the potential clients to book a villa.

Through effective digital marketing campaigns targeted at countries of origin of tourists to Bali, during specific seasons, LUMOS managed to generate enquiries.

Online advertising, including Google Ads, Social Media Ads and changes to the website to generate the leads was the solution adopted.


TopLuxeVillas, Bali website generated plenty of traffic from the digital marketing efforts, which were funnelled into a database, and thereon the customer care team at Bali would followup and close the deal. Tourists from Singapore, Australia and India were expressing interest to book holiday villas in Bali, at different exotic locations.


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