Online presence and Digital Marketing


Shriram Properties is one of the leading property developers in South India with presence across four cities. over 14 projects spanning across these major cities, including Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai and Vizag (Vishakatapatnam).

Shriram Properties has a very simple online presence with a 10-page static website, with no presence on the worldwideWeb for specific organic search results on real estate and property development in the first 10 pages of Google search results.

Shriram Properties was a big brand and a strong contender in the real estate space, which LUMOS the opportunity to create an effective presence through various strategies. Amongst many contenders, LUMOS, a division of Animika Studios Pvt. Ltd. was chosen to establish the online presence for Shriram Properties.


The Potential was reaching out to / being available to over 100,000 search results every month only in Bangalore city, in addition to thousands of search requests for other cities. The Search engine optimisation would also bring in organic results, providing better rate of conversion. The spread of projects, also required to create campaigns and reach out to potential home buyers in other cities.

With creative marketing strategies, technology implementation and creative online advertising Shriram Properties could potentially reflect on the first three pages of Google search results, that would bring in thousands of organic search results.


The challenge was to consolidate all the sales and marketing efforts and funnel it to the website. The online branding and presence was very weak. The entire initial effort was to create a full-fledged dynamic website and channelise all the leads to the website.

All the marketing efforts, including the social media marketing would be funnelled to the website. Many features and functionalities were to be developed to enable end-uses, sales and marketing teams to work seamlessly and with speed.

LUMOS implemented a three-pronged approach for digital marketing, viz., Search Engine optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (Online advertising), Social Media Marketing.


WIth the initiation of online marketing and branding, Shriram Properties started to get recognised by Google search engine, and started to trend in the first few pages. With increased focus on SEO (Search engine optimisation), Shriram Properties used to get populated in the first three pages for most keywords in the real estate property development domain.

Organic search results increased exponentially, in addition to leads generated through digital ad campaigns on various networks. within a span of one year Shriram Properties used to be listed in the top five for most keywords in the real estate and property development domain for Google search results. The team at LUMOS worked like an extended sale wing, supporting the lead generation online.


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