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Audio Planet is a renowned company providing audio consultancy, acoustic engineering as well as dealers of some of the world's best home theater products. Though highly acclaimed, Audio Planet's reach was limited to Audiophiles, and the company had a strong reputation built on word of mouth popularity and referrals. Audio Planet was a very interesting subject for us that gave us a lot of insight into the world of sound replication, acoustic implication, and we were overwhelmed with the demo room experience!


With a company like Audio Planet, our prime focus was to educate people about the world of sound replication, the acoustic influence, finding the right combination that works in synergy. We also tapped on the potential that most of us were blissfully unaware of the European products, which in fact outdid the most popular American and Japanese counterparts that lead the market in India.


To create an effective online presence, the entire website was revamped incorporating online marketing strategy, implemented through thorough analysis of the search patterns, potential customer profiles and the latest trends to derive optimal results. We deployed a three-pronged approach to online marketing where SEO served the purpose of long term sustainable organic traffic and creative advertisings through SEM roused a lot of curiosity for the brand. The objective was to create an effective positioning and brand recall that relates to Audio Planet's core competencies and unique value proposition. Social Media as a powerful medium was adopted to bring different communities who loved to listen to music, watch movies and enjoy games in the comfort of their homes. Through innovative campaigns, we created a strong presence for Audio Planet in Social Media platform.


Increased page ranks, improved page visits, extended retention span, increased number of leads/enquiries, reduced the cost of advertising, created a global presence. Today, Audio Planet is one of the most discussed topics among music/movie enthusiasts, which has directly translated into results that has catapulted Audio


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